Deco Ruca
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Deco Ruca

deco ruca susta DECO RUCA Deco Ruca


Branding, Ecofriendly
About This Project

DECO RUCA is a Chilean company specialized in handcrafts furnitures.

Their founders are a lovely and eco thinking couple, who decided to produce their own hand made furnitures, while waiting for the birth of their first daughter and find an alternative to furniture mass production.

She is a fashion designer and he is an engineer with a passion of bricolage and building furniture, a symbiosis of creativity and skilled craftsmanship with synergistic effects.

The design is inspired by the RUCA- the most important construction of the Mapuche architecture. ‘Ruca’ in Mapudungun means ‘house’ and describes the Mapuches’ traditional living space.


While the stencil style typography was selected and modified as a reference to the RUCA, the stamp picks up the idea of craft and can be easily used.